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Analysis of common faults of nanometer laboratory heating plate
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:691
    • Shenzhen is fine division of biological science and technology co., LTD. Laboratory of nano heating plate HTL - 500 ex, HTL - 400 ex, HTL - 300 ex the world level of nanometer thermal energy technology, heat no mechanical components, heating plate using microcrystalline glass ceramics, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, easy cleaning, can be dry, no electromagnetic interference and damage, fast heating, speed up to 5 , for only 1 seconds; At present is the laboratory heating board industry leader, well received by the majority of customers!

      In the process of using nanometer laboratory heating plate, if the nanometer laboratory heating plate appears abnormal, the user can refer to specific failure forms to deal with it, in which:

      1. Color change of electrothermal plate surface in nanometer laboratory

      1) the color becomes darker because high temperature use makes the coating crystal reorganization, which does not affect the use.

      2) the reason why the color becomes white is that the ultra-high temperature will degrade the pigment, which will not affect the use (it is recommended to work within a safe temperature range).

      2) coating detachment of electrothermal plate in nanometer laboratory

      The surface of nanometer laboratory electric heating plate is a coating that is afraid of scratches. If scratched, the base material will be corroded and the anticorrosive coating will be detached.

      2. High temperature and low temperature difference are displayed when working

      This phenomenon usually appears on EH20 series electric heating plates, the main reason is that the use temperature has reached the product protection temperature, the protector has been effective, then set the temperature to the required product use temperature range, the phenomenon can be removed.

      3. Display runout of heating plate in nanometer laboratory

      Check whether the ground wire of power socket contacts well first, if the contact is good, open the power after closing 1 minute, if not normal, check whether there is strong interference source all round.

      If you want to know more about nanometer laboratory heating board, please continue to pay attention to our company!



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