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Principle of carbon crystal heating plate
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:896
    • Carbon crystal heating plate is "carbon crystal heating low temperature radiation heating system". A new type of low temperature radiant heating system is developed with carbon crystal heating plate as the core component. The heating principle of carbon crystal electric heating plate: under the action of electric field, the carbon molecular group in the heating body produces molecular movement, and the carbon atoms produce violent friction and collision, and the heat generated is transmitted to the outside in the form of far-infrared radiation and convection, and the conversion rate of electric energy and heat energy is up to more than 98%. Carbon crystal electric heating board system makes full use of the excellent plane heating characteristics of carbon crystal board, heating the whole plane synchronously, continuous heating, good thermal balance effect. It overcomes the malpractice of discontinuous heating and poor heat balance of traditional heating products.

      The principle of

      Carbon crystal electrothermal plate is made of carbon crystal particles by ball milling after modification of carbon fiber

      Diagram of heating principle of carbon crystal heating plate heating materials synthesized by special process. Its heating principle is that under the action of alternating electric field, a large amount of heat energy is generated by violent collision and friction between the carbon atoms inside the carbon crystal heating plate, and heat is transferred to the outside in the form of far-infrared thermal radiation. The conversion rate of electric energy and heat energy is more than 98%. Within a few seconds of electrification, the surface temperature of the carbon crystal electric plate rises rapidly from the ambient temperature and is heated externally at a constant temperature. The set temperature can be reached within 3-5 minutes. This product has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, economy, no pollution, long life and controllable temperature, the use cost is only half of the ordinary electric heating.

      As a kind of modified and purified carbon crystal heating product, carbon crystal heating plate has been greatly improved and improved in heating uniformity, fire resistance, safety, weather resistance, heat conversion efficiency and infrared radiation rate, etc. Carbon crystal low-temperature radiant heating system makes full use of the excellent plane heating characteristics of carbon crystal electric heating plate. During heating, the whole plane heats up synchronously, providing continuous heating and achieving a good heat balance effect on the wall. Compared with water heating, air conditioning, heating cable and other heating methods, it has the following advantages:

      First, comfort. Carbon crystal low temperature radiation heating system is a product of far infrared low temperature radiation as the main mode of energy transfer. The experiment proves that the human body is in the low-temperature radiation environment, just like in the sunlight, the sense temperature of the human body is higher than the indoor air temperature of 2-3 , thus improving the comfort level of the living environment. At the same time, under the condition of low temperature radiation, the convection velocity of indoor air is greatly reduced, so that indoor dust is reduced, no noise, no cold point and hot point, temperature balance, so that the human body has no sense of dryness, the temperature is soft like bathing in sunshine.

      Second, economy. The product heats up rapidly and generates heat quickly: heating can be done after 5 minutes of electrification, and the carbon crystal heating plate directly radiates heat to the room. The temperature rises more than 5 times faster than the traditional heating and heating cables. Due to household, chamber heating, can adjust at will according to the needs of the temperature and the room temperature, can also save operation cost, a heating season, construction area of 100 square meters of the cost of national standards for residential use no more than 2000 yuan, daily operation cost is a third of the air conditioning, plumbing and heating cable is less than half, is a real can afford, a new type of heating with affordable products; High thermal efficiency, is currently the highest electric heat conversion rate of products, the conversion rate up to 98%; The system is highly efficient. When the room temperature is set at 16 ° c, the heating effect of 18 ° c can be achieved. Each degree reduction of room temperature can save 5% of energy.

      Third, safe and reliable, long service life. The production of carbon crystal electric heating plate conforms to GB/T 4654-2008 standard, and has passed the inspection of national infrared and industrial electric heating product quality supervision and inspection center, as well as the relevant "general safety requirements for household and similar electrical appliances" gb4706.1-2005, "special requirements for safe indoor heaters for household and similar electrical appliances" gb4706.23-2007 standard. High insulation strength, flame retardant, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion resistant, maintenance-free, service life of more than 100,000 hours.

      Fourth, the installation is simple and the design is beautiful. Carbon crystal electric heating board is designed and produced with the advanced modular concept. The structure is reasonable and the installation is convenient. Flexible combination, can be installed in any way combination, no minimum installation area requirements; This system is installed on the wall or the ground, does not occupy the indoor use space, and can play the decoration and the artistic effect; The system does not require maintenance, saving maintenance and operating costs of other heating methods.

      Fifth, it is beneficial to health, which is also the prominent advantage of carbon crystal low-temperature radiation heating system. At the same time of heating, carbon crystal electric plate radiates far infrared ray, which is called "life light wave" in medicine. Far infrared ray can improve and prevent many diseases caused by blood circulation and microcirculation disorder. "Light of life" into the body, would lead to deep subcutaneous temperature rise, and to expand capillary, accelerate the blood circulation, help remove blood vessels of hoarding and harmful substances in the body, will be to the detriment of the metabolic clearance (such as the harmful substances in food, fat and subcutaneous fat, sodium, uric acid, accumulated in pores, cosmetic residues, etc.), to raise organization, promote the enzyme generated, can activate cells, prevent aging, the purpose of strengthening the immune system.

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