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Instructions and precautions for electric heating plate
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:727
    • Electric heating board is an equipment which USES electric thermal alloy wire as heating material, mica flexible board as insulation material and outsourcing thin metal board (aluminum board, stainless steel board, etc.) for heating. Typical applications are electric thermos bottles. Metal tubular heating elements are cast in aluminum plates or plates or welded or embedded on aluminum plates or plates to form electric heating plates or plates of various shapes. Typical applications such as electric rice cooker, electric iron, electric coffee pot and so on.


      1. The contact surface at the position of the heating element should be flat and free from concavity;

      2. The heating element should be placed dry and avoid soaking in water to affect its insulation performance;

      3. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specification of heating element and whether the operating voltage is consistent;

      4. After installation, check the inner six pin bolts, wiring seat bolts and wiring bolts again to avoid thermal expansion and cold contraction affecting the life of the product;

      5. It should be used at the specified voltage.


      1. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of this type of electric heating device. Its continuous operating temperature should be less than 240, and the instantaneous temperature should not exceed 300.

      2. Silica gel electrothermal device can work under pressure. That is to say, auxiliary pressing plate can make it close to the heated surface. At this time, heat conduction is good, and its power density can reach 3W/cm2 when the working area temperature does not exceed 240.

      3. The allowable operating temperature is less than 150 under the pasting installation condition.

      4. In the case of air dry burning condition, the power density should be less than 1W/cm2 due to the temperature resistance of the material; Under non-continuous operating conditions, the power density can reach 1.4w /cm2.

      5. The working voltage is selected according to the principle of high power - high voltage, low power - low voltage, and special needs can be listed.

      6, must use the power supply in accordance with the requirements of the instrument, the power socket should use three holes of safety socket, and install the ground wire.

      7, first use will have a small smoke, which is a normal phenomenon.

      8. In the process of use, the heating medium shall be prevented from spilling out of the vessel and flowing into the box to damage the electrical appliances.

      9. If there is any fault in use, the power should be cut off before maintenance.

      10. No empty burning

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