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Precautions for heating magnetic agitator
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:721
    • Generally, heating magnetic agitator is equipped with heating device on the chassis. In addition, corresponding devices will be set up to monitor the heating. The working disk surface will be equipped with temperature sensor (hot spot coupling).

      Heated magnetic agitators should not be used to stir explosive substances in hazardous environments or for underwater operations using instruments. It should be ensured that only personnel with relevant training can use the instrument. Be careful not to touch the chassis with the instrument power cord. Wear appropriate protective equipment according to the type of media to be treated. The instrument should not be used to deal with explosive materials indoors. The instrument should be placed on a table that is not flammable or fireproof. Watch the magnetic field! Consider the influence of magnetic field on the surrounding environment, such as data storage and cardiac pacemaker. Watch out for the heat! When the instrument is working, the surface temperature can reach several hundred degrees Celsius. Please be careful to burn when touching the shell and surface of the instrument. After the instrument is turned off, you should also pay attention to the residual heat. When heated and cooled, the material may make a slight sound as it expands.

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