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Structure distinction between magnetic agitator and electric agitator and matters needing attention
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:614
    • Electric heating plate

      1. Stainless steel electric heating board

      Stainless steel temperature regulating electric plate is widely used in drying, drying and other temperature tests of samples. It is an essential tool for biological, genetic, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis city, education and scientific research. Its main features:

      A. heater is made by casting molding process, with no warping deformation in high temperature state.

      2. Choose stainless steel panel, has superior corrosion resistance.

      3. The temperature is controlled by the thermostat, which is easy to operate and safe to use.

      Technical indicators:

      2. Ceramic electric heating plate

      Series embedded ceramic far infrared radiation heating plate, with high radiation rate, good integrity, good thermal stability, high insulation strength, clean and sanitary, and can control, temperature and other advantages.

      Product features:

      The shell is made of cold-rolled sheet and its surface is made of electrostatic plastic spraying technology. The heating plate adopts ceramic material temperature setting and automatic temperature co Agitators are widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, petroleum, chemical, medical and other units. At present, they can be generally divided into electric agitators and magnetic agitators. In fact, the name can also distinguish the two types of agitators, but the structure of the two types of agitators is different.

      Electric blender motor using permanent magnet dc rights force, power, torque, with stainless steel or ptfe can stir bar mixing of large capacity, high viscosity fluid, the magnetic stirrer, is also a direct current motor, the difference is the motor power of the magnetic stirrer is lesser, magnet driven by using motor, using the magnet driven liquid son of magnetic stirring, different magnetic blender mixing liquid capacity cannot too big, consistency is limited, for the average small capacity of thin liquid, is very practical, the price also the electric blender economy a lot.

      In the use of magnetic and electric should pay attention to the common several problems:

      1, the instrument should be kept clean and dry, especially do not let the solution into the machine

      2. The heating time of magnetic agitator should not be too long in general. Intermittent use can extend the service life together.

      3. If the stirring bar is unstable due to different center during operation, please turn off the power and adjust the fixed chuck to make the stirring bar concentric.

      4. When stirring, adjust the speed control button slowly. Too fast adjustment will make the stirring rotor jump out of the magnetic steel force. Should quickly turn the knob to the stop position, wait for the agitator to be stationary, slowly rise the speed of mixing.


      The heating board is made of ceramic material, which is corrosion resistant, aging resistant, durable, safe and reliable. The model is novel and beautiful, the operation is simple, the use effect is good, many times cold heat alternating test does not crack, does not fall off.

      I. main features:

      1. Heater is made by special molding process, without warping deformation at high temperature.

      2, the work panel selection of cast iron, superior corrosion resistance, working temperature uniformity.

      3. Quick and uniform heating, easy operation and safe use.

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