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Find the classification of heating plate?
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:528
    • The heating plate used in laboratory is a safe and reliable electric heating plate, which is round or square in shape and has no electric charge and no flame. Because the main use of heat conduction, so high thermal efficiency.

      There are five types of electric heating plates: thin shell type, carbon crystal electric heating plate type, cast plate type, tubular element type and tubular element cast plate type.

      Thin shell electric heating plate is embedded with spiral electric heating wire in the shell formed by metal sheet stamping. This kind of metal thin shell structure is simple, the price is cheap, but the plate surface is easy to deform, after using for a long time, the thermal efficiency has the phenomenon of decline.

      Carbon crystal electric heating plate is a kind of electric heating plate with carbon crystal material as the theme of heating material. A plate-like heating material without a heating wire and without a metal shell. Mainly by adding an electric field to the plate, the molecules inside the plate friction heat; Therefore, the safety factor of carbon crystal electric heating plate is higher, and there is no possibility of electric leakage. Carbon crystal electric heating plate is a new type of heating plate with better flexibility than other types of electric heating plate.

      The structure of cast plate heating plate is the same as that of thin shell heating plate, except that the plate surface is cast metal, so the strength is large and the plate surface is not easy to deform. Tubular element heating plate is a heating plate formed by bending the tubular metal heating element into a plane spiral involute. This kind of tubular metal heating element is a semicircular section with a flat surface. Such a section makes a larger heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the bottom of the cooking pot, so as to improve the thermal efficiency.

      Compared with the tubular element cast plate heating plate, the effective heat transfer surface with the bottom of the pot is larger. This kind of structure has big mechanical strength, long life and high thermal efficiency, which is especially suitable for ships, vehicles and other vibrating environments.

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