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The relationship between heating board development and e-commerce
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:536
    • The relationship between the development of heating board and e-commerce

      Due to the spontaneous formation of China's heating plate industry, so far, China has become the world's largest ceramic heating plate industry, from production to export sales, is developing step by step. However, due to the spontaneous formation of China's ceramic heating plate industry, it must have its unique characteristics, that is: small scale, large quantity, low category cost. So heating board enterprise development must seize the opportunity to seek development. In recent years, China's heating board industry continues to optimize the development, but the traditional sales channels are difficult to break the foreign capital monopoly market deadlock, thus restricting its development, in 2012, the development of e-commerce in China at a rapid development stage, heating board as a traditional industry to do a good job with the new economy, new technology and the Internet. At present, most of the heating board enterprises develop a new way to realize online trading through e-commerce channels, and explore the development mode of "small manufacturing by e-commerce professional companies".

      For the selection of heating plate, we should focus on the following parameters:

      1. Sensor temperature control refers to the control ability of the internal temperature control system of the heating plate. When the heating plate reaches the set temperature, the error range is the same as the temperature uniformity of the heating plate, which is an important index to measure the heating system performance of the heating plate.

      2. Temperature uniformity is an important parameter of heating plate zui. Temperature uniformity of heating plate refers to the uniformity of temperature distribution on the panel when the heating temperature is displayed to the set temperature, and the temperature difference between the high point of temperature zui and the low point of temperature zui.

      3, the resolution, that is to show you the temperature value to the decimal, is an important indicator to measure the display control ability of the heating plate, the general heating plate is 1, that is, the integer display, more precise degree can be up to 0.1.

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