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Use method of magnetic heating agitator
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:505
    • Heating magnetic agitator it is the modern petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and health, environmental protection, biochemistry, experimental analysis, education and scientific research essential ideal tool.

      1. Switch on the external power, close the power switch, and the indicator light will be on. Can make magnetic stirring, if need to make electric mixer, please make sure to try a pot (or other vessel), the clamping position adjustment and calibration machine and fixture on the pillar position and height, with an electric mixer to open the switch, the corresponding indicator, adjust the speed control knob "electric", to the required speed, can make electric mixer to make thermostatic mixing, SET temperature, press SET button to SET or view the temperature SET point. Press SET key digital tube character start flashing, said the instrument into the setting state, press delta key SET value increase, press Poland key SET value decrease, long press delta key or Poland key data will change quickly, press SET key instrument back to the normal working state temperature setting finished.

      2, the work is finished, speed control knob placed in a small position; Put the temperature control knob in the non-working state, turn off the mixing switch and power switch, and cut off the power supply. Wipe the column, working face, fixture and sensor clean, and no water droplets and dirt are allowed on the column.

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