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Performance characteristics of laboratory heating plate
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:509
    • Requirements of heating magnetic agitator for the operating environment

      Heating magnetic agitator adopts dc motor, low noise, stable speed regulation, fully enclosed heating plate can be used as auxiliary heating, temperature setting and temperature display, long-term heating can be used, the digital display is intuitive and accurate. Heated magnetic agitator is made of ptfe and magnetic steel, which is resistant to high temperature, abrasion, chemical corrosion and strong magnetism. It can be mixed in an airtight container, which is ideal and convenient to use.

      When heating the magnetic agitator, first check whether the random accessories are complete. Then install the fixture in order, put the beaker to be stirred in the middle of the heating plate, add solution, put the agitator in the beaker solution to be needed, plug in the power first, turn on the switch, the indicator light is on, and then start to work. The speed gradually changed from slow to fast. High speed starting is not allowed. So as not to cause a jump. Heating is controlled by heating switch and can be freely selected according to requirements. Cut off the power when not working. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, without solution entering the machine. Avoid damaging the main engine. Prevent violent vibration.

      The maintenance of heating magnetic agitator should start from daily work, including,

      1. Make sure the magnetic stirrer is not heated without water.

      2. Before heating the magnetic agitator for operation, check whether it is grounded and ensure that the work can be carried out after completion.

      3. In order not to damage the instrument, insulation materials are usually placed inside the instrument. Therefore, when we use the magnetic agitator for the second time, we will find white smoke and pungent sm The laboratory heating plate is made of glass and ceramic with good chemical stability, which has the effect of safe heating and constant temperature control.


      1. Fixed safety temperature: 550

      2. High temperature warning to prevent burns!

      3. The heating temperature is set through the digital display (LED) screen

      4, error code number display

      5, the control panel is raised to prevent liquid splashing on the panel

      Laboratory heating board function

      The heating plate which is widely used in laboratory has a high safety system, including fixed safety circuit, overheat display and error display. The heating plate can also be equipped with a contact electronic thermometer, which can achieve high precision temperature control effect. Functionality, safety and durability are the three main characteristics of laboratory heating plates.

      Laboratory heating plates convert electrical energy into heat energy to heat objects. Is a form of electricity utilization.

      According to the different ways of electric energy conversion, electric heating is usually divided into resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating and so on.

      Resistance heating USES the joule effect of current to convert electrical energy into heat energy to heat an object. Usually divided into direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating.

      Induction heating USES the conductor in an alternating electromagnetic field to generate induced current (eddy current), which generates heat in the conductor itself.

      Arc heating USES the high temperature produced by an arc to heat an object. Arc is the phenomenon of gas discharge between two electrodes. The arc's voltage is low but its current is high. Its strong current is maintained by a large number of ions vaporized on the electrode, so the arc is susceptible to the influence of the surrounding magnetic field.


      4. There is an upper limit on the heating of the devices inside the magnetic agitator. Therefore, it must be taken into account when heating.

      5. Heat the magnetic stirrer when you finish heating, remember to turn off the heat and wait a few minutes for the heat to dissipate before turning off the stirrer.

      6, in the process of operation must be careful, do not be burned, because the general temperature is relatively high.

      7, to ensure the dry operating environment, because in a humid environment, the instrument is prone to leakage of electricity and other phenomena, which is why the instrument must be grounded, if the instrument is very wet must be blown dry with hot air.

      8. There is an insurance on the heating magnetic stirrer, which is the same as the family insurance. It can be checked frequently to see if it needs to be replaced.

      For more information about heating magnetic stirrer, please continue to pay attention to our company!

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