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What factors control the price of constant temperature magnetic stirrer
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:540
    • What factors control the price of constant temperature magnetic stirrer

      Constant temperature magnetic stirrer is no noise, no vibration, the electronic constant temperature, mixing effect is remarkable, is widely used in various large and medium-sized institutions, environmental protection, scientific research, health epidemic prevention station, petroleum, chemical industry, medical units, such as constant temperature magnetic stirrer on the analysis of the liquid heating, stirring, its heating speed, high temperature, heating etc., is a normal temperature magnetic stirrer is far less than the general, is the ideal of modern laboratory personnel necessary instruments.

      At present, there are many manufacturers producing constant temperature magnetic stirrer in the market, and the prices are various. So what factors will affect the price of constant temperature magnetic stirrer? There are mainly four types:

      1. Supply and demand relationship: supply and demand relationship is a key factor affecting the pricing of constant temperature magnetic agitator. Generally speaking, when the supply of commodities is less than the demand, the manufacturer's commodity pricing may be higher, otherwise, it may be lower. At the same time of supply and purchase, the selling price of constant temperature magnetic agitator in the operation and sale of the factory is mostly the "equilibrium price" that both sides of the transaction can afford. In addition, in the relationship of supply and demand, manufacturers' commodity pricing is also affected by the elasticity of supply and purchase.

      2, competition relationship: constant temperature magnetic stirrer is a common laboratory products, have good market prospects, so many businessmen have engaged in this industry, created a market competition, and some businesses want to have the opportunity to occupy zui good advantage in the industry, have the opportunity to attract more customers to choose, so also by lowering the price.

      3. Cost: commodity value is the basis for determining commodity price. Commodity value consists of C+V+M. C+V is the value transferred by materialized labor in the production process and the value created by laborers for themselves, and M is the value created by laborers for the society. Clearly, the cost of production is a key factor in determining commodity prices.

      4. National policy: the price of constant temperature magnetic stirrer should also comply with some national regulations. There are a lot of taxes to consider if your product is for export, and tariffs are one of them.

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