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Technical performance of electric magnetic stirring sleeve
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:529
    • Magnetic stirring electrothermal sleeve is a new product developed for use in schools, factories and laboratories of scientific research institutions. The product is reliable, easy to operate, reasonable structure of the whole machine, with continuously adjustable heating power.

      Ii. Advantages of magnetic electric stirring sleeve

      1, with electric contact thermometer connection socket, with electric contact thermometer temperature measurement can control the temperature to plus or minus 0.1 degrees, achieve a higher constant temperature mixing function.

      2. Magnetic stirring electric heat sleeve also has two-way stirring function, so as to achieve the purpose of fast mixing.

      3. The magnetic stirring electrothermal set is reliable, easy to operate, and the whole machine is reasonable in structure. It has continuously adjustable heating power, direct display of heating power, convenient to observe and control the heating state, continuously adjustable stirring speed, suitable for different work needs, and convenient to carry, making it an ideal equipment in the laboratory.

      Iii. Main technical performance

      Turn on the heating control power, and the power indicator lights up. Turn the right heating control knob, and the heating control indicator lights up. The whole machine starts to work. Turn on the agitation control power, the power indicator lights up, turn the right rotation control knob, the agitator will start to rotate, and adjust the speed until the experiment needs. If the electric contact thermometer is thermostatically controlled to display the temperature directly, connect the end of the wire to the electric contact thermometer and put it into the liquid to be measured. Attach the other end to the socket. Then open the heating control switch, the heating indicator, show that heating jacket in heating, heating control pressure regulating knob, and then gently rotating heat set of power as the change of adjusting azimuth, produce different power, working voltage meter as index, according to different voltage clockwise adjust will gradually increase the power, increase the temperature, or vice versa. 1. As the surface of the heating sleeve is coated with oil, it is normal to emit white smoke during the second use, and then the surface turns brown, and the primary color can be restored after a few minutes. Heat and stir together, or use alone. When heating work, pay attention not to touch the electric heat sleeve, so as not to scald. The mixing speed should start at a low level. When operating, be careful not to splash the solution onto the machine. After use, the power switch should be turned off and stored after cooling.

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