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The difference between magnetic stirrer and ordinary stirrer
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:518
    • Magnetic agitator is driven by micro motor high temperature strong magnet to generate rotating magnetic field to drive the agitator in the container to heat the solution, so that the solution in the set temperature to get full mixing reaction, so widely used in biology, medicine, chemistry, chemical industry and other fields. The function of stirring is to make the reactants mix evenly and make the temperature uniform; Heat in an airtight container to prevent boiling. For example, zeolite can be added in the distillation process, or magnetic stirrer can be used. Speed up the reaction, or the rate of evaporation, and shorten the time. Compared with ordinary mixer, its advantages are as follows:

      1. Magnetic agitator adopts dc motor, with low noise and stable speed regulation;

      2, fully enclosed heating plate can be used for auxiliary heating, can be used for long-term heating;

      3, by teflon and magnetic steel refined into the agitator, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, magnetic strength;

      4, can be mixed in an airtight container, use is very ideal and convenient;

      5. The agitator can set the temperature and display the temperature. It can be heated for a long time and the digital display is intuitive and accurate.

      Features: the shell is made of special flame retardant reinforced plastic injection molding, magnetic agitator has very high heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent characteristics. The stirring speed and heating temperature of magnetic agitator can be continuously adjusted, which is widely used for stirring solvents with different viscosity. The heating plate is made of aluminum alloy and sprayed with teflon material externally, so that it not only has a good heat conduction effect, but also has a strong resistance to heat and cold and corrosion. The bottom of the heating plate is equipped with double heat melting device, which can fully improve the rate and avoid heat conduction to the housing. The design of the whole housing and the convex surface of the upper part can effectively prevent the leakage of solution into the magnetic agitator during the stirring process from damaging the electronic devices.

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