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How to choose a good heating magnetic agitator?
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:548
    • Magnetic agitator is heated by electromagnetic effect driving agitator and electromagnetic heat effect. Drive the magnetic agitator through the * magnet located under the working plate. * magnet can penetrate the working plate surface, and the magnet is fixed directly on the rotating shaft of the motor. The actual rotating speed of the instrument depends on the actual load and voltage. The fluctuation of the voltage within the permissible range and the change of the viscosity of the treated medium will cause the fluctuation of the rotating speed. The speed of the motor can be adjusted according to the requirements of the experiment.

      Heating magnetic agitator starts from the panel. Ceramic panel can withstand high temperature, but it is easy to crack under high temperature. Heat conduction is a little slow.

      Speaking from the insurance coefficient, it is necessary to choose the magnetic agitator with the performance of overheating and power failure alarm, or the temperature will overheat and even fire;

      Generally, there are two kinds of panels, square panel and circular panel, each of which has its own advantages. However, the magnetic agitator with a large panel area will be easier to operate.

      The core part of heating magnetic agitator is the motor. Generally, zui is a brushless dc motor, which has a longer life and greater torque, while the ac motor is slightly worse.

      Choose display heating magnetic stirrer have two choices, one is a temperature controller directly inside the mixer, this instrument is simple, operation is slightly, is a kind of magnetic stirrer external temperature controller, the advantage is that you buy a set of instruments, equal to buy 2 pieces of equipment, magnetic stirrer + PID temperature controller, two separate can also be used alone.

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