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Characteristics of common electric heating board
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:507
    • Electric heating board is an equipment which USES electric thermal alloy wire as heating material, mica flexible board as insulation material and outsourcing thin metal board (aluminum board, stainless steel board, etc.) for heating. Typical applications are electric thermos bottles. Metal tubular heating elements are cast in aluminum plates or plates or welded or embedded on aluminum plates or plates to form electric heating plates or plates of various shapes. Electric heating plate typical applications such as electric rice cooker, electric iron, electric coffee pot and so on.

      Ceramic heating plate

      Series embedded ceramic far infrared radiant heating plate, with high radiation rate, good integrity, good thermal stability, high insulation strength, cleaning, and can control the temperature, etc. The heating plate adopts ceramic material temperature setting automatic temperature control, digital display has large heating area, fast heating, uniform temperature, temperature control, time and effort saving. The heating board is made of ceramic material, which is corrosion resistant, aging resistant, durable, safe and reliable. The model is novel and beautiful, the operation is simple, the use effect is good, many times cold heat alternating test does not crack. Without a loss.

      Scope of application: it can be used with various flasks. A beaker. Conical flask for scientific research. Chemical industry. Oil fields. Medicine. Universities and colleges, industrial and mining magpie ノ bad neon flute maple? Heating of various liquids in laboratories and analysis rooms.

      Cast aluminum cast iron

      I. main features:

      1. Heater is made by special molding process, without warping deformation at high temperature.

      2, the work panel selection of cast iron, superior corrosion resistance, working temperature uniformity.

      3. Quick and uniform heating, easy operation and safe use.

      Cast copper

      The structure of cast plate electric heating ring/plate is the same as that of thin shell electric heating plate, except that the plate surface is cast metal, so the strength is large and the plate surface is not easy to deform. At present, most of China adopts this structure. Tubular element heating plate is a heating plate formed by bending the tubular metal heating element into a plane spiral involute. This kind of tubular metal heating element is a semicircular section with a flat surface. Such a section makes a larger heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the bottom of the cooking pot, so as to improve the thermal efficiency.

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