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Proper storage of laboratory heating plates
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:479
    • Compared with the general fuel heating, the laboratory heating plate can obtain a higher temperature, easy to achieve automatic temperature control and remote control, the heating plate with good chemical stability of glass ceramics as a tray, and has the effect of safe heating and constant temperature control. The heating plate which is widely used in laboratory has a high safety system, including fixed safety circuit, overheat display and error display.

      In the process of using the heating plate in the laboratory, if the user wants to ensure more work of the heating plate, the user must do the corresponding maintenance work, among which:

      1. The power supply voltage must conform to the voltage specified in the laboratory heating plate manual, and the product shell must be effectively grounded.

      2. For laboratory heating plates with high heating power, they must be connected to leakage protector or knife brake when connected to power.

      3. The heating board of the laboratory should be placed in a room with good ventilation, and the indoor relative humidity should not be more than 85%. No inflammable, explosive and corrosive objects should be placed around it.

      4. * during the heating process, it is normal for the electric heating board to smoke, and the rust inhibitor on the board is volatilizing.

      5. After each use, remove the power plug and wipe the heating board clean after the laboratory heating board is completely cooled. Remember!

      6. The human body should not touch the heated part of the laboratory heating plate when it is working, so as to avoid scald.

      7. The laboratory heating plate should be stored in a dry and cool environment of -10~+40℃. Do not collide or vibrate violently during transportation and prevent rain.

      8. The laboratory heating plate can only be used for non-performance, non-flammable and explosive articles drying, and other temperature tests.

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