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Digital display thermostat heating sleeve selection


Brief description:In addition to the same advantages of the DHT-type magnetic heating and stirring electric heating sleeve, the digital thermostat heating sleeve has a simple temperature adjustment operation.

The digital display thermostat is not only suitable for laboratory use, but also can be directly used in factory production and processing. It is a new generation product with a wide range of functions, powerful functions, low cost and rare. In addition to the same advantages of DHT-type magnetic heating and stirring electric heating sleeve, this product also has the advantages of simple temperature adjustment operation, intuitive temperature control display, high temperature control precision, durability and multi-purpose. It can be stirred separately, it can be heated separately, and it can also be stirred and heated simultaneously. It is a popular product in laboratories, factories and research institutes.

The use of digital thermostat heating sleeves is inseparable from the correct operation of the user and daily maintenance. In operation, the user should strictly follow the relevant specifications, including:

1. To ensure the safe use of the digital display thermostat, please use the grounding wire.

2. In order to extend the use of digital display thermostat, all the magnetic stirrer motors have fan heat dissipation function. Therefore, when heating test, especially high temperature heating test, the instrument can not be used for heating alone. Rotating or medium-speed rotation (or idling) to prevent motor and electrical appliances from being damaged by high temperature radiation. If the motor cannot start to rotate, it should be promptly found to be repaired by the dealer. Otherwise, it will not be damaged or lost due to the operation, and will not be responsible.

3, digital display thermostat heating part of the heating part of the higher temperature, work carefully, in order to avoid burns.

4. When the high temperature heating is finished, please turn off the heating first, and then turn off the stirring after leaving the temperature for a few minutes.

5, there are wet hands, liquid spillage, or long-term leakage of electricity under the conditions of excessive humidity, should be dried in time or naturally dried before use, so as to avoid danger.

6. When using the digital constant temperature electric heating sleeve, the white smoke and odor appear in the sleeve. It is normal for the color to change from white to brown and then white. Because the glass fiber contains oily and other compounds in the production process. It should be placed in a ventilated place and can be used normally after a few minutes of disappearance.

7, 3000ml above digital display thermostat electric heating sleeve when using 吱-吱 声 sound is different furnace structure and related to thyristor voltage pulse signal, can be used with confidence.

8. When the liquid overflows into the sleeve, please turn off the power quickly, put the electric heating sleeve in a ventilated place, and use it after drying to avoid danger of leakage or short circuit of electrical equipment.

9. When not in use for a long time, please store the digital constant temperature electric heating sleeve in a dry and non-corrosive gas.


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