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Digital thermostat


Brief description:The digital constant temperature electric heating sleeve can be stirred separately, can be heated separately, and can be stirred and heated simultaneously. It is a popular product in laboratories, factories and research institutes.

The digital constant temperature electric heating sleeve is a new type of product developed on the basis of KDM type and ZHT type for the use of schools, factories and scientific research units. This product has beautiful appearance, small space, high power and large capacity. It has several specifications such as 3000ml, 5000ml, 10000ml and 20000ml. It is not only suitable for laboratory use, but also can be directly used in factory production and processing of products. It is a new generation product with a wide range of functions, powerful functions, low cost and rare. In addition to the same advantages of DHT-type magnetic heating and stirring electric heating sleeve, this product also has the advantages of simple temperature adjustment operation, intuitive temperature control display, high temperature control precision, durability and multi-purpose. It can be stirred separately, it can be heated separately, and it can also be stirred and heated simultaneously. It is a popular product in laboratories, factories and research institutes.

Digital display thermostat heating method:

1. When heating, first connect the sensor wiring (red end to red end, otherwise reverse),

2. Place the end of the sensor metal in the liquid or powder to be tested.

3. Then turn on the heating power switch, click the SET button and the direction button < and increase or decrease the button ∧∨, set at 60 °C. Observe the digital display indication.

4. Click the SET button and the arrow keys < and the increase/decrease button ∧∨ to set the temperature you need.

5. Automatic constant temperature control after reaching the required temperature.

Operational notes:

1. There should be good grounding.

2, * When used, there is white smoke and odor in the sleeve. It is normal for the color to change from white to brown and then white. Because the glass fiber contains oily and other compounds in the production process, it should be placed in a ventilated place. After a few minutes, it will be used normally.

3, 3000ml or more electric heating sleeves are used when there is a 吱-吱 sound is different in the structure of the furnace wire and related to the thyristor voltage regulation pulse signal, can be used with confidence.

4. When the liquid overflows into the sleeve, please turn off the power quickly, put the electric heating sleeve in the ventilated place, and use it after drying to avoid danger of leakage or short circuit of electrical equipment.

5. When not in use for a long time, please store the electric heating sleeve in a dry and non-corrosive gas.

6, please do not empty sets of heating or dry burning.

7. When the ambient humidity is relatively large, inductive electricity may be transmitted to the outer casing through the insulation layer. Please use the grounding wire and pay attention to ventilation.


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