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Brief description:The magnetic stirring electric heating machine has reasonable structure, the heating power is continuously adjustable, the heating power display is intuitive, the heating state can be conveniently observed and controlled, the stirring speed is continuously adjustable, it is suitable for different working needs, and it is convenient to carry, which is an ideal equipment for the laboratory. .

The magnetic stirring electric heating sleeve has an electric contact thermometer connection socket, and the electric contact temperature measuring temperature can accurately control the temperature to plus or minus 0.1 degrees, achieve a higher constant temperature stirring function, and also has a two-way stirring function, so as to quickly stir to achieve rapid mixing. Purpose, reliable work, easy operation, reasonable structure of the whole machine, continuous heating power adjustment, intuitive display of heating power, easy to observe and control heating state, continuous adjustment of stirring speed, adapt to different work needs, easy to carry, is an experiment The ideal equipment for the room.

Magnetic stirring electric heating sleeve use method analysis:

1. Fix the vertical rod in the upper screw hole of the stirrer, adjust the height of the cross clamp, fix the reaction bottle with the universal clamp, put in the appropriate stirrer, insert the power supply ~220∨, and open the switch.

2. Adjust the “Stirring" knob clockwise and adjust to the appropriate position according to the speed display.

3. If the mixing capacity is large or viscous, adjust the knob appropriately to increase the stirring force.

4. Adjust the temperature adjustment knob clockwise and adjust it to the appropriate position for heating and stirring.

5. If you need to display the temperature, you can use the glass thermometer or digital thermometer to make auxiliary measurements.

6, temperature setting: press the setting plus "▲" or set minus "▼" button, will quickly set the required heating temperature such as: 100 ° C, green light means warm, green light means stop, The microcomputer will determine the heating amount according to the temperature difference between the set temperature and the current temperature, ensure that the temperature is not warmed up once, and maintain the balance between the set value and the display value ±1 °C temperature difference, so that the heating process can be easily completed.

7, self-tuning function, start self-tuning function can make different heating sections or heating power and the solution is irregular, the heating time is short, the temperature is small, the balance is good, but the heating medium or heating condition is self-tuning Should be reset.

8. Start auto-tuning: Press the shift key “?" for 5 seconds. When the setting window is flashing, it will enter the auto-tuning state. After the third temperature is over, the digital stop flashing, indicating that the auto-tuning is over and can be used, but the self-tuning needs to be When the initial heating is used, the self-tuning performed in the middle is not accurate.

9. There is a rubber plug on the bottom of the magnetic stirring electric heating mixer to protect the external thermocouple socket from corrosion and rusting. The inner probe is disconnected and the machine stops working. If the external thermocouple is used, the plug should be unplugged, the external thermocouple plug is inserted into the socket and the nut is locked, and then the stainless steel probe is placed in the solution for temperature control heating.

10. The magnetic stirring electric heating sleeve is provided with the function of breaking the even protection. When the thermocouple is poorly connected, the green light of “1" or “hhhh" is displayed on the display window, and the electric appliance stops heating. It needs to be checked and used again.


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