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Thermostatic magnetic stirrer manufacturer


Brief description:Thermostatic magnetic agitator manufacturers are generally capable of prolonged heating, but you need to ensure that the Settings on the digital display regulator are set up and meet the requirements of the experimental process.

Compared with the ordinary magnetic agitator, the constant temperature magnetic agitator has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong controllability and wide range of temperature control.it is widely used in the experiment of higher organic chemical synthesis, which makes the automatic mixing of chemical experiment a step forward, and it is also an ideal tool for matching the agitator solution of various analyzers. Thermostatic magnetic stirrer manufacturer

Thermostatic magnetic agitator is a kind of multi-purpose, multi-function, temperature-controlled magnetic agitator which is improved from the original heated magnetic agitator. High quality dc motor, low noise, stable speed regulation. Fully enclosed heating plate can be used for auxiliary heating, temperature setting and temperature display, the digital display is intuitive and accurate. Agitator made of ptfe and high quality magnetic steel, resistant to high temperature, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and strong magnetism. It can be used for precise constant temperature mixing of liquid solution in a wide range of speed and temperature.

In the use of thermostatic magnetic agitator, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, we need to pay attention to the following requirements:

1. The constant temperature magnetic stirrer must be reliably grounded to ensure the safety of equipment and person.

2. When stirring, adjust the speed control button slowly. Too fast adjustment will make the stirring rotor jump out of the magnetic steel force. Should quickly turn the knob to the stop position, wait for the agitator to be stationary, slowly rise the speed of stirring, gradually stable rise the speed.

3. For liquids with high viscosity at room temperature, their thermal conductivity is often poor (such as epoxy resin). When heating and stirring, it is not appropriate to heat up rapidly to avoid vessel rupture. Take full advantage of the thermostat, gradually step by step temperature rise, and sensor elements must be inserted into the outer water jacket.

4. If the aluminum plate on the surface of the heating plate is covered with liquid, it will corrode the plate surface or generate heat and steam, which will affect the heating element and the motor. Please turn off the power immediately to remove it. Thermostatic magnetic stirrer manufacturer


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