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Thermostatic magnetic agitator customized


Brief description:Constant temperature magnetic agitator shell aluminum alloy die casting, beautiful appearance, structure can prevent liquid overflow into the machine, brushless dc motor and strong magnetic drive, aluminum alloy heating plate, heating power, heating fast

Constant temperature magnetic stirrer shell is aluminum alloy die-casting, beautiful shape, the structure can prevent the liquid spill into the machine, brushless dc motor and the strong magnetic magnetic drive, aluminum alloy heating plate, heating power, heating up fast, the heating plate temperature can be set directly, and is equipped with zui high temperature protection device, liquid temperature digital setting and measurement, is widely used in chemical, medical and other scientific research, teaching, etc.

Thermostatic magnetic agitator is a kind of multi-purpose, multi-function, temperature-controlled magnetic agitator which is improved from the original magnetic agitator. High quality dc motor, low noise, stable speed regulation. Fully enclosed heating plate can be used as auxiliary heating. Digital display temperature controller can set temperature and display temperature. Agitator made of ptfe and high quality magnetic steel, resistant to high temperature, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and strong magnetism. It can conduct precise and stable constant temperature agitation of liquid solution in a wide range of speed and temperature, especially suitable for stirring small samples.

Notes for practical use of thermostatic magnetic agitator:

1. If the agitator beats or does not stir, please cut off the power to check whether the bottom of the beaker is flat and the position is correct. Meanwhile, please measure it.

2, heating time is generally not too long, intermittent use to extend life, do not heat when stirring.

3. Medium speed operation can work for 8 hours continuously, high speed operation can work for 4 hours continuously, prevent violent vibration when working.

4. Power consumption: the power socket shall be three-hole safety socket, which must be properly grounded.

5. The instrument should be kept clean and dry. Solution should not be allowed to flow into the machine to avoid damage.


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