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Constant temperature magnetic stirrer application


Brief description:In order to reduce the failure rate of multipoint thermostatic magnetic agitator, we should do maintenance work from the following aspects.

Multipoint temperature magnetic stirrer is suitable for heating or heating mixing simultaneously, is suitable for the liquid viscosity is not very big or solid-liquid mixture by using the principle of the magnetic field and vortex will would stir after liquid in the container and a magnetic field in the liquid when the base after mixing the child into a circular loop movement so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid, in the practical application of multi-point temperature magnetic stirrer, in order to reduce the incidence of multipoint temperature magnetic stirrer fault, we should begin from the following aspects to do maintenance work.

1. * when using multi-point constant temperature magnetic agitator, check whether the accessories are complete, such as agitator and power cord, etc. against the instruction manual;

2. Zui can be connected to ground wire when using multi-point constant temperature magnetic agitator;

3. Medium speed operation can extend the service life of multi-point constant temperature magnetic agitator;

4, do not stir can not be heated, do not work should be cut off the power supply;

5. The multi-point constant temperature magnetic agitator should be kept clean and dry, especially not allowing solution into the machine;

6. If the stirrer beats or does not stir during stirring, please check whether the beaker is stable and the position is correct;

7. The speed adjustment should be gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed. Zui should not be started directly in high speed, so as to avoid the pulsation caused by out-of-sync agitators.


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